LEDN participated in the Swan Pacific Bitcoin conference in Santa Monica, CA and wanted to show up in a big way to win high net-worth clients in the Crypto space.

So we did what any normal agency would do.

We built a full scale game show.

we have created a super stimulating video so you don’t have to spend 2 minutes to read through us humble bragging about the UNREAL experience we brought to life but if you have a passion for micro-novellas then by all means scroll down and give it a read.

To kick things off, we did our research by needlessly watching the Deal or No Deal and Super Market Sweeps channels around the clock on our in-house Samsung Smart TV (Samsung, what up? You lookin cute, would be cool to do something fun. Feel free to slide into our DM’s any day. 😘). 

After hours of tireless research, we learned a lot about game shows. For example, always load up your first cart on oversized Turkeys and 5 gallon drums of cooking oil AND never go with case 23. We also learned the correlation of an exciting UX/UI through the power of simplicity in game design. We also wanted to dangle a carrot large enough to entice high net worth clients to have confidence in leaving a data capture and to be honest most of them left two. You’ll see what we mean when you get to the metrics.

We decided to do a classic game of break the safe and set the stage by creating a gameshow-inspired environment with large video walls, pensive music with exciting sound effects, dynamic lights synced to the experience, and a custom “Block” (block chain inspired) that held a physically large Bitcoin model. 

One by one guests played a cryptex-style game where users guess the last four words of a seed phrase to unlock the crypto wallet and WIN a whole BITCOIN.The wallet was coded to a four-word phrase, creating a 1 in 10,000 chance for users to win.

We also set up the experience to offer secondary prizes so every participant walked away a winner via a secondary slot style matching game.

When the guest entered the correct seed phrase the block opened and the celebration began.

Simple. Relatable. In-line with the audience. Juice is worth the squeeze.


Road mapped a UX that would drive conversion to data and conversation to promote trust.


Modelled and designed a digital game to fit the experience and desired outcome.


Design the physical experience layout. Event setup and build out of the dual video wall experience.


Strategize event execution with Ambassadors.


Design custom Flight Suit inspired uniforms to match Top Gun theme of event.


Developed a Unity based game that communicated to the block and lighting via Arduino functions.


Design a giant bitcoin with our clients logo on it. Create detailed 3D models of the “Block” for fabrication.


Fabricated and programmed the Block with a drop latch that dropped the protective glass and LED’s that interacted with the game via Arduino functionality.


Event Coordination for physical build and execution. Fabricate Uniforms for staffing. Event execution. Staff and train ambassadors for the event.


Data Capture


Total Plays


Prize Given


Best Booth


Time Spent


High Net Worth Clients

This experience was second to none. Our client won and therefore we won.

We literally made a game show from soup to nuts, built it with a ton of cool technology, captured data, converted guests to clients, loaded top of funnel, had highly engaging ambassadors, rammed the entire show with swag, won best booth award and gave people a chance of a lifetime to win a Bitcoin.

Are you not entertained?!?!?!

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