Manufacturer Unknown
Title: Martinelli's Gold Medal Golden Apple
Type: Large size, resealable twist off/on
Color: White, Gold, Red
Description: Martinelli's Gold Medal logo at top, two safety button arrows, and a outline of a golden apple that says "Golden Apple" in the middle. Says "Drink you apple a day" under it.
Collection: Collection
Title: Martinelli's Gold Medal Sparkling Apple Juice
Type: Standard size twist off
Color: Black, Gold
Description: Says "Martinelli Gold Medal Sparkling 100% Juice" in middle of cap in black. There's a circle around the top of cap, and twist off arrows.
Collection: Collection
Title: Martinelli's Best Apple Cider
Type: Standard size pop off
Color: Black, Gold
Description: Says "Martinelli Best Apple Cider 1890" in middle of cap in black, with a plant design around it. Syas "Awarded by the California State Agricultural Society" around design, with circles around the top of cap.
Collection: Collection